is a 'Managed IT Security service provider' specializing in protecting the Small & Medium Business (SMB) market. Services are constructed in an integrated modular design that provides 'Fortune 500 security protection at prices the small and medium business can easily afford. The SMB owners with the assistance of the knowledgeable security specialists can select from a wide variety of services based on the clients business needs. As the clients business needs evolve, so do their IT Security requirements.'s integrated modular design means services can be added, upgraded or removed and the client still gets a robust cohesive security solution. will design, build, install, do updates, provide all regular maintenance and monitor your IT Security solution all for a small fixed monthly fee. looks after IT security from start to finish. The SMB owner gets professional IT security specialists that monitor their systems 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

We can help stop your staff from wasting so much time!

A virus can take down every computer on your network!

If your file server died – how long would you be unable to work?

A Keylogger Trojan stores every keystroke on your computer – user name, bank account number, passwords, and other sensitive information, like clients credit card data.


Case studies:

1. Studies show 40% of all internet traffic at work is personal. We can reduce that significantly.

2. Imagine if you lost everything on your computers. How long would it take you to rebuild all that data?

3. Would you knowingly put every one of your clients at risk of identity theft? Of course not!

4. Everyone knows someone who has experienced a compromised credit card through identity theft. NOW, learn about commercial identity theft.

5. Learn the basics of Managing IT SECURITY AND PRIVACY in a modern office

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